Laptop Grant

Having a cart of 16 laptops in my classroom has revolutionized not only how I teach, but more importantly, how my students learn.  We started out slowly with blogs, e-mail and Google docs, but every day we find another way to improve our reading and writing, thanks to the daily availability of the Internet, new technologies and just plain old word processing.  Click on the lightning fast typing hands below to see a few things we’ve done:

Listen to the sound of novelists at work (would this be possible without laptops in the classroom? I don’t think so):

One of the most difficult aspects of trying to integrate new technologies into any classroom is the limited access to technology that most teachers face.  Trying to schedule time in our school’s one computer lab is a frustrating endeavor, so in the fall of 2010, I applied for a Major Impact Grant from the Petaluma Educational Foundation.  In an effort to make significant impacts on the classrooms and students of Petaluma, the PEF now offers Major Impact Grants of up to $15,000.  The grant-writing and interview process itself was a great learning experience for me. Click on the picture below to watch my SlideRocket presentation and see how it all went:

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