Movie Making

In 2013, my 8th graders created book trailers for the novels they wrote during National Novel Writing Month.  Here are a few of their trailers (click on each book title to view or click the play arrow in the video box):

Sleeping Deadly, by Grace

They Hide Behind Glass, by Avery

Stolen off the Road to Recovery, by Makenna:

Outcast, by Noah

The Note Maker, by Quinn

Lovely Revenge, by Ava:

Dead and Forgotten, by Jazmin

The Book of Parapraxi, by Jessica

Comrades in the Shadows, by Cody

So Far From Reach, by Ella

Lefty, by Nico:

Sekandochansu, by Allie

Journey for Answers, by Dyhara

March to the End, by Hunter:

Silent Night, by Lily

Making it in L.A., by Tia

Shattered Grounds, by Sonia

At the end of the 2010-2011 school year, some of my 8th graders used Animoto to make “how to succeed in school” shorts for the next year’s students:

Tips for math class from:


English class advice from:

Surviving P.E., by:



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